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Short Description :

Accurate information about ones own Courteously does not use inappropriate terms or names, keeps tone of voice Focused, attentive, does not interrupt, seeks clarification as needed ,…

Full Description :


Receives shipments from
carriers.Assures that goods received
are in good condition and are in the quantities shown on the purchase
order.Documents receipts and maintains
inventory levels.Forwards paperwork to
Accounts Payable.


  • Receives all purchased materials and supplies
  • Checks packing slip against purchase order to ensure
    correct quantities
  • Notifies appropriate buyer when discrepancies occur
    between packing list and purchase order
  • Complies with special delivery instructions for
    special internal handling
  • Maintains purchase orders files for all purchases:
    open, partial or closed
  • Performs all functions related to shipping of
    materials to include arrangements for return authorization
  • Follows established Departmental/Hospital policies and
    procedures for quality improvement, safety, environmental and infection control
  • Sorts and appropriately files mail
  • Maintains adequate inventory levels on all stockroom
  • Uses par level system to maintain inventory
  • Reports any unavailability of stock to Department
    Director and user Department
  • Checks for damage before receiving any item
  • Maintains Stockroom in a clean and orderly manner
  • Fills Department orders and delivers same on an as
    needed basis
  • Documents any item removed from inventory
  • When low inventory status occurs, adjusts requisitions to ensure that
    each Department shares in the balance of the inventory
  • Arranges stock on shelves according to stock numbers
    and warehouse locations
  • Delivers requested stock items to appropriate
    Unit/Department in a timely manner
  • Maintains materials handling equipment in good working
  • Performs other job related duties as required
  • Attendance/Punctuality employee is punctual
    and attendance is consistent with Hospital policy
  • Mandatory Education exhibits an understanding of the Hospital's
    Mandatory Education Program
  • Fire/Safety demonstrates an understanding of the Hospital's Fire and
    Safety Procedures as outlined in the Fire and Safety Manual
  • Infection Control consistently demonstrates a concern for cleanliness
    and practices infection control (e.g. hand washing). Familiar with established infection control
    policies and procedures
  • Uniform/Dress Code always observes the
    Hospital uniform/dress code and wears identification badge
  • Adaptability/Flexibility shows quickness to learn new duties and
    adjusts to new situations encountered on the job
  • Attitude shows interest, enthusiasm and cooperation
    in work, company and associates
  • Judgment appropriately assesses a given situation
    and devises the correct course of action
  • Initiative performs assigned tasks in a
    self-confident, eager manner without detailed instruction
  • Responsibility shows a willingness to assume and
    carry out assigned tasks and is accountable for results



  • Demonstrates knowledge and compliance to all
    regulatory agency privacy standards (e.g. Hospital, HIPAA, JCAHO).
  • Maintains
    customer (internal and external) privacy (protects computerized data, refers to
    patient name and/or healthcare issues on a need to know basis, avoids gossip).


  • Follows appropriate dress code policy.
  • Acts with enthusiasm in a positive manner
    with regard to self and others.
  • Acts as a mentor/learner and is approachable and
    supportive of others and of the Hospital's mission.
  • Is flexible and anticipates needs of patients
    and others while using an empathetic approach.
  • Knowledgeable of role and limitations and
    demonstrates a willingness to participate in improvement initiatives.
    Knowledgeable in hospital systems and processes.


  • Makes
    people feel welcomed in person and on the phone.
  • Introduces
    self and lets customer know what they can expect. Asks what people want or need, gives options
    and choices.
  • Demonstrates attentive listening skills (e.g.
    focused, attentive, does not interrupt, seeks clarification as needed and
    acknowledges understanding.)
  • Speaks
    courteously (does not use inappropriate terms or names, keeps tone of voice
    calm and well modulated.) Expresses self
    clearly and in easily understood terms.
  • Displays
    appropriate body language (uses direct eye contact, positive or sympathetic
    facial expressions and straight relaxed posture.)


  • Takes
    responsibility for and is forthcoming with accurate information about one's own
    actions. Responds to requests in a timely manner.
  • Is forthcoming with accurate information about
    patient/unit status. Keeps
    patients/co-workers updated and informed, making sure people know what they can
    and cannot expect.
  • Demonstrates a good work ethic in accordance with hospital policies and
    behaviors (e.g. dress code, punctuality, attendance, etc.)
  • Shows respect for all customers' (internal and
    external) belongings/property. Shows
    consideration for cultural differences.
  • Initiates
    improvements and suggestions, intervenes on behalf of our patients and
    hospital. Is open to new ideas and


  • Maintains and contributes to a clean and
    professional workplace environment.
  • Verbalizes what you want and need to both
    co-workers and management in helpful ways.
  • Demonstrates that the work you do fits with in and effects what everyone
    else does in the system.
  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills in creating
    win-win situations. Resolves conflicts
    and problems constructively.
  • Demonstrates both verbally and in action
    thanks and appreciation.


  • High
    School Graduate or Equivalent or Candidate with 1-2 years prior Stockroom
  • Must
    be able to read, write and communicate in English
  • Physical
    requirements: ability to stand and walk
    for extended periods of time, heavy lifting and pushing carts

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