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Short Description :

Result data requires immediate reporting by telephone ALERTS Typing test online, 35+ WPM Distributes specimens to appropriate departments for analysis Communicates with the Laboratory Director and/or the Compliance Officer if accessioning irregularities have not ,…

Full Description :

Responsible for specimen receipt and preparation, records creation, reporting of results and transferring data to accounts receivable. Ensures all patient data is obtained and maintained in accordance with all applicable HIPAA regulations.

Schedule: Variable hours Monday through Friday


  • Performs all of the following:
    • enters test requisition data into computer creating an accessioning record which includes: patient demographics and physician data, test requests, ICD- 9CM code, and testing priority;
    • initiates an audit trail if any data required for the accessioning record is missing or ambiguous. The trail is initiated from the billing menu when accessioning data is transferred to accounts receivable;
    • produces bar code labels
    • affixes replicates of labels to test requisition and specimen (blood or other) containers;
    • prepares specimens for testing by centrifuging tubes for tests requiring serum or plasma;
    • distributes specimens to appropriate departments for analysis;
    • communicates with extended care facility (ECF) to correct, clarify, or add any information found to be in question or missing on the test requisition;
    • communicates with the Laboratory Director and/or the Compliance Officer if accessioning irregularities have not been resolved at the time of accessioning.
  • Modifies test request data after obtaining previously missing, incomplete, or physician clarification information.
  • Enters patient information for potential new clients provided by facility
  • Follows established protocols to determine which patients’ test result data requires immediate reporting by telephone (ALERTS).
  • Communicates with nursing personnel at ECFs to relay ALERT test values.
  • Maintains appropriate documentation (JCAHO initiative) of nurse’s name, title, and “readback” of all ALERT call-in results.
  • Ensures timely and accurate transfer of patient, physician, and billing information from the test requisition into computer patient database.
  • Ensures timely and accurate transfer of physician’s request for laboratory testing from the test requisition into computer requisition file.
  • Ensures timely and accurate printing of any accessioning records, worksheets, and audit trail reports.
  • Maintains excellent attendance to ensure responsibilities are met.
  • Ensures all work areas are maintained in a neat and orderly manner at all times in accordance with generally accepted laboratory practices.
  • Works in general office/laboratory setting. Position requires extensive computer and phone utilization, and extended periods of sitting.
  • Participates in rotational assignments/department as directed by the laboratory management.
  • Works in laboratory where position requires standing or sitting for extended periods of time.


This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.

  • Successful completion of grammar exam (80% and above). Typing test online, 35+ WPM.
  • (Skills and competency will be tested prior to start date.)
  • Telephone skills. Must call to obtain patients’ missing information.
  • Excellent organizational skills

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Any one of the following will be considered:

  • Requires high school or equivalent education. 2-3years experience in medical “Front Office” or administrative experience or training in a hospital, laboratory, or doctor’s office.
  • Some supervisory experience required.
  • Must possess excellent communications skills, including phone, and knowledge of medical terminology, procedure, and diagnosis coding.
  • Must be familiar with commonly used computer software – Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.


  • Centrifuge
  • Pipette


  • Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens or other potentially infectious material. (if working in lab setting)


  • Gloves
  • Lab Coat or appropriate scrubs
  • Safety Goggles/Glasses
  • Ear Protection when necessary


  • Keeping centrifuges closed and locked during operation
  • Pouring from small containers rather than large containers wherever possible
  • Utilizing disposable pipettes instead of pouring off small aliquots
  • Avoiding the shaking or rough handling of blood and/or body fluid which could cause internal pressure to build in a container prior to opening
  • Mouth pipetting or suctioning is prohibited.
  • All procedures shall be conducted in a manner that will minimize splashing,spraying, splattering and aerosol generation of droplets of blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Gloves shall be worn at all times when it is reasonably anticipated that employees will have hand contact with blood and/or body fluid.
  • Gloves are disposable and shall not be washed, decontaminated or re-used for any purpose.
  • All gloves shall be removed and discarded whenever they have lost their ability to function as a barrier.
  • All gloves shall be discarded immediately after removal.
  • All gloves which have become contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious material shall be removed immediately and discarded.

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